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Relaxing, Creating & Inspiring!

Our Story

The Crochet Lounge™ was born in 2012, not long after my 4th child, out of my passion for creating all the fun yarny goodness for my children that didn’t completely follow patterns I found aside from some basic shapes and guidelines. After attempting for five years with three kids under five to complete knitting projects with double pointed needles, and constantly having to fix rows of dropped stitches fighting with little fingers, toes and hands, I picked up crochet as my main yarn craft and created a community around it with those who are like minded.

Since I was always adding crochet pattern designs to basic shapes and creating my own version of accessories for my kids, and I had an interest in learning WordPress, this website became the creative place of learning and sharing. It started out as a place for intermediate crochet patterns that involved lace & cables and evolved to incorporate tips & tricks for the crochet beginner with easy to follow step by step patterns as our community’s interests dictated.

Throughout the years, I realized that creativity and the crochet craft brought calm and peace during the difficult sleepless nights, the postpartum days, the constant battle to balance business ownership and raising little fun-spirited kids. This craft brought on a thing called relaxation and sometimes even dreams of new patterns.

This blog went on hiatus but never went away when I encountered personal adversities and huge changes that put it on the back-burner to make a major physical move with my children.  Since then, more had occurred that kept this project from resurfacing, but the craft of crochet never left our family.  If you’ve been through those periods in your life, I welcome you to stick around as we talk about the benefits of crochet to mental health, emotional health and physical well being. The blog and community is about to reboot in 2023 and we welcome you to join us!

Our Facebook group started a few months before our formal business page was created and everything from there was history. It was about finding people with the same love for the craft and creating a community.  As you can tell from the name, it was always about creating a lounge environment where people gathered to crochet together for personal, for business or for a cause.  

About The Crochet Lounge Community

It is a place for Relaxing, Creating and Inspiring!

Come join your fellow crocheters with fun resources, free patterns and more!