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Velvet Crush Infinity Scarf 

Do you love texture in your winter scarves?  You simply must try this free crochet scarf pattern on for size!!  Sometime back in July/August, I followed a post to a video that brought me a new friend in the crochet world.  I fell in love with her newly discovered stitch, the Meladora’s Butterfly Stitch.  Upon making this infinity scarf, my fellow designer friend, Stacey at Busting Stitches , who creates delicious patterns, helped me name the Velvet Crush! *nom*

Velvet Crush Infinity Scarf - Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

Crochet a Velvet Crush Infinity Scarf, a delicious present for the season!

This pattern is short, simple, and SWEET, so grab your hook and yarn & get started!


  • Any bulky weight yarn or 2 strands of light worsted weight (2 strands of rayon chenille is used in the sample photos), want to do this in regular worsted weight? That’s fine, too!
  • Size N hook (you can make this infinity scarf with K~N hook depending on if you prefer a tighter stitch pattern, just adjust the length of your scarf accordingly)
  • Would look great in solid colors or slow transition variegated yarn

Stitches Used:

fsc, ch, sc, slst, BFS (butterfly stitch)

Foundation single crochet (fsc) – ch2, insert hook into 2nd chain from hook, yo draw up a loop, yo draw through 1 (this creates the next foundation chain), yo draw through 2 (this completes the single crochet)
*insert hook into the next foundation chain just created, yo draw up a loop, yo draw through 1, yo draw through 2
Repeat from * until total fsc completed

Chain (ch) –  yo (yarn over), pull through loop on hook

Single crochet (sc) – insert hook in indicated stitch, yo draw up a loop, yo draw through 2

Slip Stitch (slst) – insert hook in indicated stitch, yo draw through stitch as well as the loop on hook

Butterfly Stitch (BFS) – insert hook in indicated stitch, yo draw up a loop, yo draw through 1 loop, insert hook in next stitch, yo draw up a loop, yo draw through 2, yo draw through 2, ch1

Note:  When doing stacked BFS or BFS in the round, the first stitch goes into the ‘right wing’ of the butterfly pattern created in the row/round below and the ‘next stitch’ indicates the ‘left wing’ of the butterfly, so you are always working into the wings.

Ending BFS – after completing the last BFS including the ch1, simply slip stitch into the ch1 space that started the round, then ch1 to start the new round


Worked in fsc with multiples of 2, if you choose to chain and make a row of sc instead of fsc, you will work with multiples of 2+1(for turning chain), then sc in 2nd ch from hook across.

This pattern, using 2 strands of light worsted weight yarn (or single strand of bulky yarn)  was worked with an N hook.  If you choose to make this infinity scarf with 1 strand of worsted weight yarn, it is suggested you use a K hook or larger for a softer stitch.

Fsc 150 (go up to 180 with a single strand of ww and K hook), make sure you do not twist the yarn, join with slst.*
*Note: when joining fsc in a circle, you will need to sew the beginning yarn tail to the bottom of the last fsc stitch to join as well as joining by slst at the top (top is the sc stitch, bottom is the foundation chain portion of fsc)

Row 1: BFS around in the fsc stitches (2 fsc completes one BFS), when you get to the end, Ending BFS

Rows 2-10:  Repeat Row 1

Row 11: Sc in each butterfly wing across, invisible join the last stitch

Enjoy! ♥~

Velvet Crush Infinity Scarf - Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

Velvet Crush Infinity Scarf worn

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Ravel This!



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  5 Responses to “Velvet Crush Infinity Scarf – Free Crochet Scarf Pattern”

  1. Beautiful! The butterfly stitch is new to me and I’ve been crocheting for many years, thank you! I have just found your site today and have signed up for your newsletter – I don’t want to miss your inspiring posts :)

  2. I really want to try this pattern but would like to know how much yarn to purchase.

    • Hi Mary ~ This scarf is highly adaptable to different lengths and using different size yarns and hook sizes. If you have ~400yards, you could make a long one with more rounds. If you are going for chunky/bulky yarn since it takes up more room, you would probably need a lot less to reach the same length. Once you start the project, I would create a 4″ x 4″ swatch to gauge how much yarn has been used and what size I would make the scarf based on length desired and make it in as many rounds as desired.

      Before purchasing the yarn, I would probably take something I already have in stash and play around with making a swatch to figure the amount of yarn needed! ♥

  3. I just found your page, is this infinity scarf actually circular? I cannot tell from the picture, thanks, Maxine

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