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The Mystery Box – Unveiled

Winner of the Mystery Box Mystery

Margaret S. - Down Under Lounger

Margaret S. the Down Under Lounger

Previously at The Crochet Lounge, The Mystery Box Mystery was set forth for you to take a shot in the dark and the one who came the closest to filling in the blanks was none other than our fellow Lounger from Down Under, Margaret S.

Her comments came in almost right after the post, but they came in a fun ‘train-of-thought’ series of messages. :)

We started off with “in multiple choice if in doubt put C ……….. but with this I have to add W T and F to fill all the blanks”.  Many giggled and probably at that point, like myself, thought it would be the end of her guessing, but she was persistent!

She followed up with a “beg” for the answer approach and that she could keep a secret continued 2 minutes later with notifying us there may be inappropriate words coming to arrive at “Spinning Your Own Yarn” just 10 minutes later!

It’s truly amazing to see the human mind at work – with yarny topics in particular.  Soon thereafter, she dazzled the rest with



After seeing these spinning wheels______ and thinking to myself, “I KNOW NOTHING about __spinning____ short of fantabuliciously bootiful __yarn__ come from __spinning______”, I knew it would be yet another adventure to embark on sooner with the joint effort than on my own.

I did know, however, that I wanted to start on a SMALLER scale… waaaaaaay smaller as in a _____ & a ______ (_____) generally known as the ___drop spindle_ _______.

Yep, Margaret, you’ve got it! Super Secret Surprise saved for you for later 😉

Here’s The Mystery Box Unveiled

Once upon a time in a far away mommy land, there lived 2 kindred souls, Busting Stitches & The Crochet Lounge, embarking on the wonderful journey of motherhood, spiritual, personal, relationship, healthy habits, financial, love of yarn growth on their own.  When they met, they shared their success and fails with each other and knew it would be a fun lasting friendship to come (sans fuzzy Unfuzzy mittens).

The Beginning

‘Tis the beginning of the story of The Mystery Box unveiled…


The Mystery Box - The Crochet Lounge Mystery Box Journey

The Mystery Box © 2013 The Crochet Lounge
Questionmark Man © Tamilsma | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images


One fine day in January, a message appeared in my inbox, not of “hey, have you ever…” but of the “You know you want to” nature.  What do you think of a spinning wheel?  Want to learn to spin? Let’s spin and post together?  To all of that I thought to myself, this town has 3 major antique stores and I’ve seen a huge spinning wheel or two in the store front before!

Within that week, while on my way to the post office, I took a slightly longer walk and took these photos.  (Unfortunately, due to a recent cell phone loss, I no longer have the video of the journey, nor photos/vids of other wheels plus a fabulous working 1800s wheel I found, but that will be redone and shared in due time).

1800s Spinning Wheel Antique Store Window

1800s Spinning Wheel Antique Store Window2013-01-17_14-44-58_139

1800s Spinning Wheel

1800s Spinning Wheel

After seeing these wheels and thinking to myself, “I KNOW NOTHING about wheels short of fantabuliciously bootiful yarn come from spinning”, I knew it would be yet another adventure to embark on sooner with the joint effort than on my own.

I did know, however, that I wanted to start on a SMALLER scale… waaaaaaay smaller as in a stick and a circle (whorl) generally known as the drop spindle.

The Mystery Box Revisited

There came a parcel to pick up, and I brought the box home to find that Stacey of Busting Stitches sent me a new toy (circle on a stick with a hook) along with some fiber!

The Mystery Box

The Content

The fate of the content of the box is unclear, but the drop spindle is destined for duct tape greatness!  Stay tuned to see how to dress it in fine print duct tape!

The Fate of fthe Spindle

The Adventure Awaits…

Have you always wanted to be walked through the ENTIRE PROCESS from creating a drop spindle on the dime to playing with your new yarny toy successfully?  Come join me in the process by ‘failing our way to success’!  Not only will I show you how I am making a drop spindle, work with a purchased drop spindle, I will show you how I did it to start so you may have the opportunity to avoid some of the obstacles I meet.

Fake it till you make it!

I’ll always remember as my ballroom dance instructor said to the class the first day and encouraged that if you don’t give up you will make it one day, I apply the same philosophy to my yarny passion.

To view the tutorials and adventures with a real spinning wheel, visit Stacey of Busting Stitches and her spinning posts.


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