Jan 232013

Free Crochet Scarf Patterns…

dominate the published patterns from The Crochet Lounge so far, and it’s been a wonderful journey.

AllFreeCrochet Free Crochet Scarf Patterns Ebook - Featuring Serenity Ripple Scarf

Serenity Ripple Scarf Featured in the Latest AllFreeCrochet Free Crochet Scarf Patterns Ebook

The Crochet Lounge Serenity Ripple Scarf pattern has been featured in the newest AllFreeCrochet ebook, Cute Crochet Scarf Patterns for All Seasons.

Download your copy >>>HERE<<<

I wanted to personally say

Thank You to READERSHIP!

Some of TheCrochetLounge friends featured in this ebook are Mary Vaughn @ www.CrochetChiq.com & Tamara Kelly @ www.mooglyblog.com.  Other well known names in the crochet world also featured in this ebook are Alla Koval from My Little City Girl and Michael Sellick (Mikey) from The Crochet Crowd.

Being featured in an AFC ebook with some of the top names/bloggers/Youtube channel owners is an amazing treat.  Having supportive friendship from designers is fabulous.

A Heartwarming THANKS to

<in no particular order and simply because they are passionate about what they do, are genuine, and have directly inspired me to share>

Donna – Naztazia.com & Naztazia

Donna’s videos and website is a constant reminder of striving for professionalism :)  Thanks for your friendship ♥

BethinTX – A Trunk-Full O’ Fun & BethinTx1

To all of you who have yet to hear Beth in her videos, RUN and CLICK!  Once you get started on a project, if you have Beth in the background… you’ll be drawn to come back.  If you haven’t seen her Drop in the Pond Lapghan or her Framed Church Windows, go take a look!  If you are already planning all the color possibilities for a DitP (Drop in the Pond), come join the PONDers at The Crochet Lounge facebook group for an ongoing Crochet-ALong (now ongoing for 4months and counting with new influx of membership and interest in DitP).

Stacey – BustingStitches.com

If you have a baby to crochet for, or photo props you want to make, Stacey has fantastic free patterns and ideas that have yet to be published.  Her Candy Puffs Beanie is a hit and a sensation cross platforms (Pinterest, AllFreeCrochet, Facebook, etc.).  I can’t help but say, though, her Cowboy chaps and diaper cover Set wins me over every time I look at the photos!

Corina – Stitch11.com

Fun in the sun is how I would describe Corina ♥.  Her love for sharing crochet has inspired many with her easy to follow patterns from babies to adults!  Her latest turban headband, Forever Tiffani is a gem to try out if you are looking for a new crochet ear-warmer idea!

Debi – DearestDebi.com

My Canadian friend with her Bonnet revolution!  It started out with bonnets and a lot of them (along with her Sexy patterns on etsy)… although not one of her delicious bonnets, the projects that stick in my head the most are her brand new Crochet Flower Bud Headband and her baby Xmas Tree Hats.

Lorene – Cre8tionCrochet.com

Lots of natural mommy, and crochet groups later… 😀 Lorene is simply a crochet natural!  Check out her free Unicorn Hat pattern or click on the January 2013 Crochet Lounge Mystery CAL for a glimpse of what Lorene does!

Candy  – Meladora’s Creations & Meladora1

Half way around the globe from me is an awesome lady, who was sharing her finished projects on YouTube only soon to find out her following grew and she started wonderful tutorials.  Her innovative craftiness, finding new stitches and tackling frilly patterns as well as creating them inspires all that watch her to find their crochet inner child.  I definitely have to say, I am STILL on a Meladora’s Butterfly Stitch kick (this IS the stitch used in the Velvet Crush Infinity Scarfand a minor Meladora’s Mesh Stitch kick (WIP unconventional hat).


Thanks to all the regulars at the fb CrochetLounge group that have been supportive of each other and of this endeavor – there are so many of you and to keep this PONDer from the floating crochet bat, I will mention the fun vs names 😀 Ready, steady, read this 5x quckly: flying sloths, hand tattooed trampoline, many a CALs, pet talk, pep talk, life’s journey, Another One Bites the Dust, dodododododododo, sewing thread crochet, DiPper vs PONDer, RAVEL IT, ribbit! ♥  I leave you all with this lovely version of What a Wonderful World!  

Keep CALM & Crochet On!

p.s. if you’re a PONDer and you know it come hang with the Ham 😉