Feb 152013
Lotus Flower Lace Scarf - Free Left Handed Crochet Pattern

Lotus Flower Lace Scarf – The Crochet Lounge based on chart by A. Watson

Hey Lefties!  Since the posting the Lotus Flower Lace Scarf pattern, I’ve received requests for the LFL video tutorial to be reflected for Lefty’s Corner.  If you’ve been longing for a video tutorial on this scarf that you didn’t have to watch in a mirror or decipher in your mind… Video is attached below and pattern is >>HERE<<

What a fabulous way to learn a new free left handed crochet pattern via a video especially for the beginner or any veteran looking for a fresh way to crochet away.


Those of you who missed it, the pattern is located >>HERE<<

♥ Enjoy!

Jan 052013

Round and Round We Go – Free Crochet Tutorial for Beginners

Double Crochet in the Round – Crochet Tutorial Series (Circular Work)

The Crochet Lounge presents a little non-traditional hooking that will help a long ways…

In this series, we will be showing you tutorials on how to crochet different stitches in the round starting with The Magic Circle, covering Color Switching, and finally, the Invisible Join (a.k.a. Seamless Join).  The video also shows the more widely known traditional color switch as well as end of round fasten off.  If you are new or are simply looking for a refreshing way of doing things, you’ve come to The Crochet Lounge.

Photo Tutorial of the same work will be available soon.  Check back in the Free Tutorials section!


Magic Circle, Color Switching in the Round & Invisible Join - Free Crochet Tutorial for Beginners

The first of the video tutorial series is here! Featuring the Magic Circle, Color Switching & Invisible Join in the Round


Please bear with my new found journey in filming, editing, and annotating the videos 😀  The video was fun to make and I’ve found lots of room to improve (sound quality, volume control, video quality, video zoom, and more!)  If you have any suggestions on free crochet tutorials for beginners, please comment! ♥~