Aug 202014

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There's fantastic crochet pattern designers, and then there's extraordinary crochet pattern designers who lead by their exuding love for the craft.  Tara of Mamachee shows you which one she is via The Mamachee Story.


The "First" Encounter

Over the years, Tara has designed various items across the board from items for babies, to adult beanies, scarves, cowls, toys and other accessories.

The two most memorable and distinct patterns from Tara that, in my humble opinion, has gone through viral transformation are:

Mamachee Amigurumi Crochet Mustache

Amigurumi Crochet Mustache

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Mamachee - Lael Collage

Lael Viking Helmet

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Ah-mazing Booties!

Big Booties, Baby Booties, Slippers & More

In the more recent years, Tara's uniquely designed Booties have become a hit.  I see them often in the Crochet Lounge fb group, G+ community and many other crochet groups as well - and the rave reviews of her patterns sweep through with the posts.

I truly believe that when you design from the heart, that feeling carries through the pattern production and transfers onto the crochet object makers and finally to the end 'wearer' (in this case).

What's your favorite Mamachee design? -- let me know below!  You can visit Tara at and leave a message on her blog.

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Choreographer of Hooks & Strings

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The glimpse of the Tara Murray, the designer behind Mamachee* Crochet Makes Me Happy, is just the tip of the iceberg of her personality, her designs, and her passion for the fiber arts.

To get to know her and her fabulous designs more, hangout with her via her newsletter, website, or facebook page!

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Fast Action More for Less

3 Patterns for $12*

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Fast Action More for Less

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Mamachee* Crochet Makes Me Happy - Meet the Designer Tara Murray Collage

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  5 Responses to “Mamachee – Tara Murray – Crochet Designer Feature”

  1. I love many of her slipper designs and once I find some time, I’m going to make myself a pair! :)

  2. Just made a pair of the Denise booties last night for a shower gift. Love her patterns!

  3. I’d better get started on working on tons of projects if I were to win!

  4. I’ve got several of her patterns, and she is my favorite pattern designer! My personal favorite is the Elisabeth headband. Its got a great texture!

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